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Author(s)/Editor(s): Ramez B. Gayed, Amin Ghali | Size: 16.8 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Original preprint | Publisher: CRC Press | Year: 2021 | pages: 681 | ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-0367252625 ISBN-10: 0367252627

[Image: 38237425281072175453.png]

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Structural Analysis Fundamentals presents fundamental procedures of structural analysis, necessary for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and structural design practice. It applies linear analysis of structures of all types, including beams, plane and space trusses, plane and space frames, plane and eccentric grids, plates and shells, and assemblage of finite-elements. It also treats plastic and time-dependent responses of structures to static loading, as well as dynamic analysis of structures and their response to earthquakes. Geometric nonlinearity in analysis of cable nets and membranes are examined.

This is an ideal text for basic and advanced material for use in undergraduate and higher courses. A companion set of computer programs assist in a thorough understanding and application of analysis procedures. The authors provide a special program for each structural system or each procedure. Unlike commercial software, the user can apply any program of the set without a manual or training period. Students, lecturers and engineers internationally employ the procedures presented in in this text and its companion website.

Ramez B. Gayed is a Civil Engineering Consultant and Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary. He is expert on analysis and design of concrete and steel structures.

Amin Ghali is Emeritus Professor at the University of Calgary. He is consultant on major international structures. He is inventor of several reinforcing systems for concrete. He has authored over 300 papers and eight patents. His books include Concrete Structures (2012), Circular Storage Tanks and Silos (CRC Press, 2014), and Structural Analysis (CRC Press, 2017).

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