Concrete Typical Detail Drawings (Native Files)
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Concrete Typical Detail Drawings (Native Files)
Concrete Typical Detail Drawings (Native Files)

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Dear Users
This package includes very useful concrete typical details (Civil & Structural) in NATIVE format (DWG). You can use these details in your projects’ drawings, exactly, or even if you don’t want to just copy them exactly, you can get very nice ideas from them to use in your projects. 
These files are created, gathered and developed in many years and they were used (and also are being used) in many huge projects.
This package includes 42 DWG sheets of concrete typical details in 28 categories as listed below:
1. Bar Bending Details
2. Foundation Reinforcing Details
3. Pedestal & Anchor Bolts Details
4. Column Reinforcing Details
5. Beam Reinforcing Details
6. Walls Reinforcing Details
7. Slab Reinforcing Details
8. Summary Of R.C. Beams Reinforcing Requirements For Special Moment Resisting Frames (Based on ACI 318-14)
9. Electrical Trench Details And Duct Bank Details
10. Catch Basin Typical Details
11. Channel Details
12. Typical Clean Out Detail
13. Domestic Waste Water Manhole Typical Details
14. Composite Floor Typical Detail
15. Typical Detail For Fire Catcher
16. Legend & Abbreviation For Paving And Underground Services
17. Oily Water Manhole Typical Detail
18. Pipe Bedding & Pipe Road Crossing
19. Pull Box Details
20. Road Typical Details
21. Concrete Paving Details
22. Valve Box Details
23. Vent Details
24. Typical Precast Joist Details And Schedule
25. Earthing , Tie Beam And Insulation Details for Foundations
26. Typical Drawing for Concrete Structural Joints
27. Typical Stair Foundation Details
28. Typical Ladder Foundation Details
Also, you can see some screenshots as a sample of details below:
[Image: 04255330084797635984.jpg]
[Image: 43781752480750231325.jpg]
[Image: 55679912290024558907.jpg]
[Image: 03650869753560520238.jpg]
[Image: 17496133400472510460.jpg]

You can download 3 files of this package as sample for free in the below link:
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