Homeless Donation
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Homeless Donation
Dear CivilEA users;

Last year we helped an old-man homeless person and find a place for him by CivilEA donations.
And now due to INFLATION in Iran, now we must pay more money to extend rent of his home for one year again.
We decided to donate him again and rent a place for him for sleeping and living for next one-year. As I said he is old-man.
I request you, donate him If you can.
He had family and home few years ago but at now he missed all things that belong to him.
He sleep in street or park in very cold weather in Tehran, Iran.
He is true person. I believe it.
I know him and I`m very sorry to see homeless person like him.
we need about 700USD to extend rent for him.
This is our duty to help other people and this is not related any religious.

If you want to donate him press below button and donate:

our target is about 700 USD. in fact CivilEA accepted to prepare 700USD for him. I believed that our CivilEA users can do it even more than 700 USD.
We have not time we need more money for him, you`re kindly requested to donate him if you can.

and Iranian users can sent own donations by this address:

Thank You
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such a kind man, he looks! good job admin!
We are trying to keep this small apartment (~30 m2) for him, we are looking for your donations,

[Image: 01722055551528976179.jpg]
[Image: 46754873458922365378.jpg]
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Thanks for you donations up to now,
this is latest report of donations:


- Total Donation Report:
-Paypal Donation: 205.10 USD
-Shetab Donation: 400.000 IRR (~8.9 USD)
-Totally Donated: 214.00 USD
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Thanks for your donations,
Donation was closed.

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