CivilEA Shop rules
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CivilEA Shop rules

#1: You can sell only your material that produce by you, you can not sell crack, books, software that they are not belong to you.
#2: If you sell other material you will be ban from forum and all your credit will be freeze here. Anyway, CivilEA is not responsible for stolen material, or copyrighted material.
#3: you can see all transaction in your control panel;
#4: Paypal (World users) and SHETAB (iranian users) are only accepted gateways. we can not accept other gateways. all send or received money will be received/sent by Paypal and SHETAB only.
#5: our currency is "USD", conversion rate to IRR may be changed (According to buy exchange rate).
#6: All payments are  included fee rate 8% (Transaction Fee By Paypal), it means that for buying credit 100$ you will pay 108$.
#7: Percent of Credit That Will Be Deducted from Settlement Amount is 50%, it means CivilEA commission is 50%.
#8: If you request payment in Rials (Iranian User) our exchange fee rate is 5% (5% exchange rate + 50% our commission= 55%) , and our rate is same as CivilEA rate (Not Global Rate)
#9: you can request to withdraw your bank (only money earned from your material not by code or ...) to your PAYPAL or SHETAB CARD (Iranian Users only) we can not send it to any other gateway.
#10: if you think this is your copyrighted material post here, please send your claim to site administrator.
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If you have any problem with CivilEA shop and buy please post new topic here:

Private Inquiries
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