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[SUGGESTION] A Torrent community of CivilEA
Hi I am using this forum for a few years now and there is a problem almost everyone has faced which is Dead links because of files deletion from file sharing sites. Most of the time files get deleted within weeks or months and everyone starts asking for reupload. So it would be good if we can have our own torrent server to preserve the files. We can encourage users to keep seeding by keeping track of who is seeding and who is not. I mean giving points for seeding etc. Admin should give a thought about it if it can be done.

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My general understanding is that when an uploaded file is easily identifiable by its filename and there is no password, the link is likely to become dead quickly. Server programs/robots/engines engaged in identifying copyrighted material over the web can easily identify them and remove them from the file server.

An uploaded file is likely to survive for long on the server if the given file name is little cryptic and is password protected. For example, instead of "Design of Steel Structures.pdf", if it is DoSS.pdf or better zipped as DoSS.zip and protected by a password (i.e the forum password) then it will have a much better chance of survival on the server.

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