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Using Report
Using Report

When using Report you are requested to check twice if the reason is included in the options. The options are numbered from 1 to 5 in the reported post and have a short description for the user reporting before selecting the reason but the actual plugin is not clear enough for moderators trying to understand the real reason. Please edit your post after sending it and add text explaining the reason with some details or send a PM to moderators explaining the detailed reason.
Of course users using Report for bad reasons will be warned for spam as many of our users know.
1.Read the HELP and the Rules before posting.
2.Always post in the right thread.
3.Search before to prevent duplicates.
4.Use Preview Post to check.
5.THE BEST - Use the Post Generator.
6.Use the THANKS button.
7.Don't use REPLY if no need, use New Reply.
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