Employment Opportunities
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Employment Opportunities
We are brand new to these forums and would like to start off on the righ foot, by not breaking any rules.

We are a technical staffing company and would like to post legitimate job openings if it is permitted.

Kindly note these are not "fishing expeditions", only real salaried positions with real companies. No work from home or investment scams etc.

Please advise the appropriate threads if any.

Thank you.
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If allowed by admin, it is better to add employment opportunities/careers forum under various topic. It is only a suggestion.
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I agree too, I think that will give a new dimension to this forum, but one has to keep the balance as not to make this a preliminary JOB SEEKING WEB SITE.

This is a great technical Web site and should be kept like this.
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Hi friends!
I'd like to remember that this is, essentially, a "non legal" software site, with a lot of c*r*a*c*k*s, medicines and non author rights publications sharing!
So, I do believe that isn't a good idea associate company's names and, certainly, colleagues names, cities, etc. in this forum!
My opinion is that is a good idea, but could be done in a new forum, specific to this, and all members of civilea forum have a option do follow it too (or not!).
It's just my point of view!

My best regards for all

Dell Brett
Thank you all for the kind advice and input. We have found that when properly administered, a career or job posting thread is generally well accepted and can prove beneficial for all.

Addressing your comments in order, kindly note that:

In other forums we participate in, it is typically set up under an employment or a general discussion topic, so as not to interfere with purely technical or other topic sensitive threads. Threads can also include interviewing and resume writing tips that could be very helpful in these trying times.

We specialize in Engineering and would not post non related positions, so it wouldn't take away from the overall technical/engineering theme of the forum.

Finally, we can not comment on any "non-legal" issues and leave this to the administrators and individual posters. As an executive search firm our searches are confidential. Professionals interested in an opportunity typically respond confidentially by phone or e-mail.

Hope this helps and we look forward to becoming active participants and contributors to this forum.
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Again, thanks for all your comments.

The overall mood seems to be positive, so we will try our first posting under Various, the Free Discussion forum. If all goes well perhaps the administration will allow us to create a seperate forum.

Please visit the post and favor us with your comments.
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in my opinion it is better to keep this forum intact as it is without any association to companies as per dell brett's opinion. the minute that companies names are involved in this forum whether good or bad, may lead to something that all members might regret (ex. closure of the forum). as we all know, we have cracked softwares in this forum as well. if somebody needs employment opportunities, the private messaging is one option but not posting it on the forum threads.

technical sharing and good engineering experience is what made this forum the best. so let's keep it as it is for now...regards to everybody...
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