MIDAS Gen vs Staad Pro
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MIDAS Gen vs Staad Pro
I'm using Staad pro since 1998 and I have no complain abaout it, but a few months ago I tryed to search for another software like Staad to compare results and I found MIDAS Gen.

As usual it was kind of difficult to get used to a new software, but, I have to admit that MIDAS have a few advantages over staad.

The main advantage is the graphical enviroment, more fluid to navigate, better rendering and great results graphs.
I love the "cut by a line" graph option for plate results, is much better that the one in staad.

I also use SAP2000 and other similars.

Like I said, I'm new using MIDAS, so...
I want to know your experience about it.. what do you think of it?
have you triyed it?
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Dear friend.-

like you I'm amazing about midas IT softwares, there are many advantages of Sap2000, RobotMillenium, and others.
I'm MIDAS CIVIL user, and I've found the best software to model bridges and any other structure.

Midas Civil interface is simililar to Midas Gen but it is used for buildings and stadiums I think so.
best regards.
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