Convert SAP2000 to ETABS (or ETABS to SAP2000)
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Convert SAP2000 to ETABS (or ETABS to SAP2000)
Convert SAP2000 to ETABS (or ETABS to SAP2000)

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The ConnectSAP2000v18andETABS2015 tool can be used to convert ETABS 2015 models into SAP2000 v18 models, and vice versa.  In order to use this tool, the user must have both ETABS 2015 and SAP2000 v18 installed on the same system. Using the latest versions of all CSI products is recommended, but the tool will work with any versions of ETABS 2015 and SAP2000 v18. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.

Run ConnectSAP2000v18andETABS2015.exe
Select an option, either “SAP2000 to ETABS”, or “ETABS to SAP2000”.
Follow the instructions in the title of each of the subsequent “Open File” dialog boxes.
First, you will select the program executable from which you are converting (either SAP2000.exe or ETABS.exe usually located in .../Program Files/Computers and Structures/[PROGRAM NAME]).
Next, select the model file to be converted.
Finally, select the program to which you are converting.
The ConnectSAP2000v18andETABS2015 tool will launch the first program, open the model, then launch the second program and transfer model data.
It will save the new model with the same name as the original.

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