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Midas Products Section
May I suggest for new sections for all Midas Products which in total are 10 Products

1. Bridge and Civil Structure

a. Midas Civil
b. Midas FEA
c. Midas FX Modeler

2. Buildings and General Structures

a. Midas Gen
b. Midas Design+
c. Midas Dshop

3. Geotechnical Analysis System

a. Midas GTS NX
b. Midas Solidworks

4. Mechanical Engineering

a. Midas NFX
b. Midas NFX CDF

The use of these software is gradually increasing and they are becoming more and more leaders in Engineering Software market.
Having then in one section will increase the efficiency of understanding and organizing the softwares
I will personally contribute to posts in the section.

Thank You!
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