Regarding to Other Eng. Software
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[SUGGESTION] Regarding to Other Eng. Software
Regarding to Other Eng. Software.

I have one idea to arrange this Dept. we can make it as :

- Structural Eng Software ( Fine Elements analysis )
- Geotechnical Softwares
         * Shoring
         *Slope Stability
         * Etc..

- Design Tools
           All Design Tools Softwares for
                       Concrete ,
                       Steel ,
                       Timber , ...

-Microsoft & Antivirus ( if Required)
   * Visual Studio
   * Microsoft Office
   * Any Other MS Product
   * Any Antivirus Software
   * Any PC Tools

- Miscellaneous Software : that not classified as above.
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@ mecheil.edwar
Your idea is nice ,but i think we can make it a bit simplified :
- Structural analysis , Reinforced concrete & Steel Design
- Highways ,Hydraulics and Geo technical
- Project planning
the other part Microsoft & Antivirus should be in non engineering requests
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Agree Rami,
Your Idea is much better..
any way it is more improved in case we arrange this dept.

Appreciate all efforts to improve the web site.
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We need more discussion about this idea specially Moderators suggestions.
I am against section (or even treads) for software about
* Office/Operating system
* Video/Img/Sound editing
* Antivirus, PC Tools...
There are many others forums/sites for that.
Do we here really need Adobe Media Encoder, Audition or Dreamweaver?!
Section for Non Engineering Software is also flooded with that.
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I always deleted Microsoft programs when uploaded by someone and I always tough to delete some Tafatneb uploads of other graphical programs including some Autodesk non engineering programs. So, fully agreed with lisine. For me non engineering programs were Winrar, Winzip and alike and even in this case we have users reporting corrupted file because after five years of Winrar 5 they never heard it exists. We are a Civil Engineering forum and not a sharing host for users still not knowing to use Google search or a torrent search site.
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^ fully agreed with you.
this suggestion reject.
topic closed.

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