Shanghai Tower - CHINA.
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Shanghai Tower - CHINA.
Shanghai Tower - CHINA.

Author(s)/Editor(s): Gensler Design Architect. | Size: 5,51 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Original preprint |
Gensler Design Update. | Year: 2010 | pages: 15

[Image: 75299312607753881338.jpg]

[Image: info.png]
Shanghai Tower will anchor the city’s Lujiazui district, which has emerged as one of East Asia’s leading financial centers. Designed by a local team of Gensler architects to embody Shanghai’s rich culture, the 632-meter-high mixed-use building will complete the city’s super-highrise precinct. It is the most forward-looking of the three towers symbolizing Shanghai’s past, present, and future. The new tower takes inspiration from Shanghai’s tradition of parks and neighborhoods. Its curved façade and spiraling form symbolize the dynamic emergence of modern China. By incorporating sustainable best practices, Shanghai Tower is at the forefront of a new generation of super-highrise towers, achieving the highest level of performance and offering unprecedented community access.

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