VENEZUELA - Design and construction of structural concrete code.
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VENEZUELA - Design and construction of structural concrete code.
VENEZUELA - Design and construction of structural concrete code.

Author(s)/Editor(s): Covenin | Size: 2,51 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Fondonorma | Year: 2006 | pages: 335

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This code establishes requirements for the design and implementation of structural concrete buildings that are planned or built in the country. Applies to all aspects of the design, construction, inspection, supervision, maintenance, evaluation, adjustment or repair, as well as the properties and quality assurance of materials. Temporary or interim work must comply with the provisions of this standard.

Where appropriate, this Statement or any part thereof, is applied to the design, construction, inspection, monitoring and maintenance of structures for silos, grain elevators, warehouses, structures explosives testing, and other civil works, without prejudice to other specific technical criteria for the purposes of each work. Excluded from this standard:
The concrete with less than 1400 kgf / m3 unit weights.
The concrete with higher compressive strength specified in 600 kgf / cm2.
Members exposed to temperatures above 100 ° C.
The structures or members pre or post-tensioned concrete.
Structural systems consisting of prefabricated members.

The concrete used in mixed steel-concrete constructions comply with the provisions of this standard. Mixed steel-concrete members not included in this Statement are subject to the Venezuelan Standard 1618. Included within the scope of this standard the following members of steel-concrete composite structures: Mixed steel-concrete columns when the area structural steel profile is less than 4% of the total area of the mixed column. See Article 10.7. Concrete slabs emptied on sheets of corrugated metal (metal soffit) designed and built without considering joint action steel - concrete. See Chapter 16.

In addition to the general requirements of the particular project in this Standard, the buildings must comply with the special provisions for earthquake resistant design according to the design level. Levels of Design, ND, required in different seismic zones are set out in standard Covenin 1756.

This code is based on the Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-05) and Commentary (ACI 318R-05) of the American Concrete Institute with the amendments that were considered appropriate to adapt to our environment. Unlike the existing 318 ACI Code, the requirements of earthquake-resistant design are integrated in all the articles. This is reflected in Chapter 18, which is now more rational system. This aspect is also reflected in the design of foundations, which is in Chapter 15.

The units used in this Standard for the Technical System MKS, Metro-Kilogram-force Segundo, predominantly used the kilogram-force (kgf) and centimeter (cm) and combinations thereof; It is indicated in parentheses, the corresponding unit in the International System of Units SI.

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