What host upload do you like?
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What host upload do you like?
What host upload do you like??
I like megaupload,mediafire. There are reason:
1. Links are rarely died
2. Download max speed with mediafire and medium speed with megaupload (free user)
3. Upload rapidly
What about you? Kindly detail some reason.
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Thanks for topic, yes, I have Megaupload and 4shared..both of that account is easy to use, very simple. Sometimes download with 4shared is not fast and only 100 mb max per upload. Megaupload is faster than 4shared, but we don't have own box storey in Megaupload.. Our files on 4shared are not easy for someone to delete, they must be report abuse to admin and admin forward the report abuse to us. We can repon the abuse report to delete or to keep those files..
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I prefer mediafire because it is free, simple and it won't take you much of time to upload files. One more thing why I prefer mediafire is that you can download multiple files simultaneously. The same thing is for 4shared. Rapidshare is good for downloading as well when you are using "skip screen" add-on for Firefox, but I don't like RS for uploading because of premium account - I don't like the fact that you have to use Paypal to activate account with which you can download multiple files simultaneously - what to say - I don't like to wait long time to download something. During the last few weeks I'm using Dropbox to exchange data with my colleagues and it is excellent "sharing tool".
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I personally love downloading from
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. There are basically no restrictions and its absolutely fast and free especially in my region. GRUNF recently has been providing us with wonderful links from this host site and I just urge him to continue.
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I prefer mediafire because:
1)There's no need to sign up for uploading files!:w00t: Isn't that great?
2)Unlimited uploads.
3)It's very efficient. Users rarely encounter any problem.
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I prefer 4shared.. because:
1) easy to signup
2) easy to keep it save.
3) easy to share
4) easy to change
5) easy as u r working in ur pc folder.

although dere r some probs as discussed above... but 4shared is good overall
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