Midas Gen vs Staadpro
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Midas Gen vs Staadpro
Midas Gen and Staadpro features comparison

[Image: 01293655610528104579.jpg]

[Image: 85762050102443309491.jpg]
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In addition to the above, wind load can be generated as per IS code 875
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If you go into details there are much more that Midas Gen can do that staadpro or even SAP or Etabs cannot do.
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Most people are not just familiar with midas products and their ability due to software protection. Yes I agree with ASEC. Their website and preview videos highlight very strong modelling, analysis and design strength. The interface alone is very comfortable to work with. I foresee a shift from CSI products to midas products,...a good challenge for csi to work and improve the software's gui.
Civil Engineering.....restructuring the world
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I have ever come to seminar about midas in 2009, in Indonesia we are using ETABS/SAP or PERFORM 3D for design and check performance of high-rise buildings. When midas gen compared to CSI product, the main problem that have been discussed in that seminar are midas gen did not provide option to modelling nonlinear shear wall like CSI products with nonlinear layered shell or fiber model. I think for nonlinear analysis, CSI is still the best software.

In my country, Staad are used for industrial building only.
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In the old version of midas gen walls in nonlinear inelastic analysis is considered as column element but you have an option to use fiber model but that limitation has already been addressed in the new releases you can now assign inelastic hinge properties to structural walls.

[Image: 45025204331099619533.jpg]
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Performance Based Design Case Study

[Image: 68557801612579708119.jpg]

[Image: 52420341461879015221.jpg]

[Image: 58991771923162316208.jpg]

[Image: 90061458817397124282.jpg]
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