Shall I shift to windows 8?
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Shall I shift to windows 8?
Dear Firends,
At the moment, I have a lenovo z580 (i7, 6gb ram, ...) and I'm happy with it. However, I am thinking to upgrade its OS to windows 8.
Could you please tell me following software are compatible with windows 8.1 (x64) or not?

ETABS (Ver 9.7, 13, 15)
Sap2000 (Ver 16, 17)
SAFE (12, 14)
Abaqus latest version

The reason for asking this question is to be sure about availability of cracks which work in windows 8.1. Currently, I have problem with CSI software cracks on my laptop and I have to execute the cracks on another computer (on windows XP) and these cracks don't work properly on my windows 7 x64 ultimate edition.
It is not o problem of cracks only. Windows 8 and 8.1 also are not so bad as Windows Millennium years ago but until Windows 10 will be out better to use 7. 8 is faster to start but the interface made for touch screens is not the best idea. Of course you can add some classic menus and to configure it better but I don't like it. The main problem for cracks is the hard way to use some drivers you need for dongle emulators. Is possible but harder than in 7.
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Windows 8.1 is better and more stable than 7. It can handle programmes difficult for Win7. Win8 can run ETABS (Ver 9.7, 13, 15), Sap2000 (Ver 16, 17) ,SAFE (12, 14), and Abaqus latest version (6.14-1). Am presently using Win8.1 with no regrets. Most Win 8.1 PCs come on 64bit architecture enabling faster computing.
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