Non english written books
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Non english written books
Dear Moderators,

I want to know in which sub forum may i share the non english written books?

For example one of our forum friend requested Beton Kalender, but it's in german. Although if it was english it will be shared in concrete section.

Best regards

I see you found the place, Is not a new request and I think we can make an exception for it but only for it because even if most of it's text is in German some content is helpful even that. In general only codes can be posted in other language than English and is no change in our policy.
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Too bad. I make a suggestion about it but I see here that policy will not be changed. It would be nice if we could post nonenglish books somewhere. Few minuts ago one member make a request about "Beispiele zur Bemessung von Stahltragwerken nach DIN EN 1993 Eurocode 3". If you look you will see that this book is design example. Well, there is a lot of nonenglish books that someone can find very useful, so I please you to change your policy just a little bit :)
I totally agree! There are many books in German which are practical and useful for even non-German speaking people. But if the policy is so strict regarding it, of course I will obey it (and make apology to administrators for asking that book in a post)
We see our point of view! And we can understand it!
But... and always have a but... If we open for German books... It's just and polite for French users... And Spanish users (a lot of them!)... and Arabic users... and.... and...

To be just and coherent not always we can make happy everyone..

And... we have some tolerance and common sense. Publications self explained (formulas and/or illustrations) could be tolerate!


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Sure, policy is here and I will obey, but my idea was forum about nonenglish books at all, with all nonenglish books inside, not just german or spanish or french language. Just one forum for all nonenglish. Anyway thank you for considering it, and thank you for response.

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