Hello My Fellow Friends!
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Hello My Fellow Friends!
I was browsing here as usual today only when I realised I have not seen some of my old friends here for long time. And I certainly not mean to coax for a new post/thread from them. They are some of my most respected users since I started here and I am wondering how are things going on their end? And yes, I checked their profile, some have been inactive for long but some was here just now!

In no particular hierarchy.

Robertsas: My fellow running moderator. Indonesian experienced engineer.
Ultra Zone
juice: A pioneer moderator
abudabeeja: A top book contributor prior to bookoz and libgen days. Quiet after a short moderating stint.
timosi: I don't know him well enough but once a great contributor as well.
Kamran: Pioneer and Mohsen's countrymate.
kowheng: Early days of experience sharing in his field, follow by a great period of moderating. The most consistent and ever present moderator I have seen in here.
struceng: One of the greatest users around. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Flexi: One of the oldest VIP.

This is a friend and a fellow user saying Hello. By no means this thread mean to pressure you guys but please drop a line in this thread (of course you can PM me as well if you wish) when you are free to.

Till then, have a great day(or evening on your side) ahead!
concrete solution advocate
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Let me express my deep gratitude for your post.. and your interest for your friends

Thanks for your good self..

May God Bless you
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