Thank you CivilEA
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Thank you CivilEA
Dear CivilEA,

thank you a million for making my way through studies and research easier. You always provided wind into my sails when needed - thanks for all the information and advices shared throughout this platform of virtual-reality. Moreover thanks for all the friendships I gained here and eventually transferred into real world. Without all of this my dream would not be possible or would be realized with much more struggle. You are a part of my PhD! Thank you!

Best regards,
Congratulations. But don't forget, in your profile i see
Quote:Returns on: 25.12.14.
So, please comeback and change the color. Maybe we are a part of your PhD but you must be a part of this forum (and not less than in the past). One more time, congratulations.
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A huge Congratulations, my friend, Dr. G.

You have, in fact, set up an example in front of us who are walking along the same path but yet to reach to the destination.

Good luck once again for your great achievement.

I strongly believe that you will come back in the forum with your all enthusiasm and great inputs what we missed for some time.

"Downstream is Weaker"
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Heartiest Congratulations Sir.


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Congratulations, Dr. Grunf!

Perhaps start a thread sharing your experience in your completed research.
concrete solution advocate
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Congratulations Brand New Dr. Grunf,

More than your results (your merit), you bring us the best example of determination, focus and professionalism.
During your time as moderator, you're extremely professional and efficient!
You retired to keep the focus in your goal! Did the right! And more, did using a strong decision and put it in a clear basis...
Now, you bring us with the result!

Your example is a inspiration for each engineer in the world.

Success... Always! and,


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Congratulations Dr. Grunf,

Wish you all the best!

Kind regards
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Congratulations Dr. Grunf
I think you should come back.
CivilEA need persons like you.
Need your personality, you have added a COLOR and sense of Humor to this endless pursue of searches
How about part time? Happy
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Congratulations Dr. Grunf!!!!
You have to make a T-shirt with that name on the back... Looks great...
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Congrats grunf!

Kind regards
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