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[In Progress] Software Training Video
Dear Admin and staff
many thanks for improvement nonstop
my suggestion is to Re-arrange and divide the sub-forum (Software Training Video ) by following the same dividing in (Software Products & Software manuals)

Csi Training Video
Autodesk Training Video
Bentley Training Video
TEKLA Training Video
CSC Training Video
Other Civil Eng. Training Video
Non Engineering Training Video

I Posted the same suggestion in the link below , but I think I posted in the wrong place ,
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and I hope from moderators to move the related posts to here

thanks in advance
Best Regards
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In Progress.
Having the software tutorial videos in one section will be a welcome development indeed. My suggestion will be to have the videos as a subdivision to the softwares instead a full section, such as;
1.0 CSI Sap2000
  1.1 Sap2000 Training Videos
      1.1.2 Topics and applications, etc.
This will quickly give room for future expansion and help make the videos handy.
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