Using IPAD in Forum
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Using IPAD in Forum
I'm using my IPAD for years in parallel with other computers to browse the forum. This evening every page is full of rows of red circles with a - in the middle blocking the view of some text lines. In the main page (as example) the titles and the logo are visible, the connected users too but the today posts area is hard to read and full of red icons. This behaviour is only for this site, every other site is as before. It starts about 16:30 (GMT) and i want to know if someone else have the same problem for asking Admin to search the reason. I repeat, all other sites accessed by Safari browser are without problems.
I am using iPad riht now to post this. I haven't upgrade it to 8.1 yet.
Upgraded and jailbroken a few days ago. No problems with 8.1 and no problems with Safari until now. The problem resolved by installing Chrome but is strange to see Safari bad behavior only in this site. Maybe Apple doesn't like Civil Engineers.
Another strange issue using Safari, pressing PostGen. in the main menu lead to It's clear Apple doesn't like Samsung but why in our Post Generator ? Or Google wants me to use Chrome ? How many conspiracy theories I will find ? At least I can use my IPad in bed.

Resolved. In Settings "Clear history and Website data". No conspiracy theory. But PostGen still lead to the Samsung site and this is a bug.
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Usually a Hardboot on iOS is resolving issues
Better to be SAFE THAN SORRY
My experience:
I had these problem just after Jailbreak my iPad with iOS 8.1...
I had problems with at least five Apps in common use (one was with GoodReader), which forced me to restore to 8.1 and forget jealbreaking the meantime

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