software manuals
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software manuals
Dear Admin and staff
my suggestion is to Re-arrange and divide the sub-forum ( software manuals ) by following the same dividing in (Software Products )

Csi manuals
Autodesk manuals
Bentley manuals
TEKLA manuals
CSC manuals
Other Civil Eng. manuals
Non Engineering manuals

I think we can do this

many thanks and regards

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thanks for your nice suggestion,
we temporary divided it and we hope this action helps to better organization in forum.
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Dear Admin and staff

many thanks for improvement nonstop ^^

could we do the same dividing in the sub-forum Software Training Video ??

many thanks and regards
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please provide your suggestion in new topic.

thank you
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i think it's a good idea but since we have too many software here and each with many training and guidelines, this will need many sections.
Let's say
and many other softwares which will need too many section to build.
An Engineer must have a SIX sense
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I aggree w/ @mowafi3m, I think it would be better to subdivide (as Dear @Admin started- and Thanks)

For example If we do a search for "tutorial" we get 3 pages, for "manual" we get 12 pages. And all kinds of manuals

By dividing them as sub-sections (for the major ones) would make the forum more cleaner.
It might also saves time during browsing the forum. We get what we are looking for after couple of clicks

This is what I feel ( What do I know? Happy)
Best regards to everybody who puts time here , just to help others
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