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i am planning to buy the software cypecad. i have never use it but it seems very powerful. I would appreciate your opinion about this software as also the pros and cons.

Thank you
Never used for actual design, but as with every software, you need to be very careful on the analysis and design assumptions. Be careful with the seismic analysis.

My opinion is very biased as I have seen terrible use of the software (pig in, sausages out), so I tend to rely on SAP2000 or similar and Excel spreadsheets.
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The best software is that you can use it efficiently. Cype is not simple for metallic structures compared to it's concurents. It is very rich in concrete structures.
Very good technical support. Not quite expensive and very good in concrete design and detailing. Lots of standards implemented (Eurocodes, ACI...). Download 30 days full trial versions and check it.
Cype 3d (for steel) has recently included shell elements. Joints design in steel included too.
The trial (Evaluation Version) is for 10 days but is fully operative. Of course the trial can be renewed but is a little bit complicated to do and will be explained to VIP only.
I don't use it but i saw a lot of calculations made by a foreign company for a big project. It's true it was a Spanish company and this is a Spanish program but it use many standards and is in continuous development. Try it and compare with other programs you know. Share your opinion with our users (and this time in the right section).
probably if you are in a country in which seismic loading/response is not an issue and for small to mid size buildings could be productive. It´s kind of a " black box" and their FEM elements are kind of "special" not normal FEM.
Also the drawings need some ( a lot ) of work to be presentable an to be "good for construction"

Used once to design a 2 floor building but got strange values , lot's of steel in footings , huge footings, none compatible with my geothecnical information.

Best regards
the software posted links sould be used for evaluation and testing purposes, if you like it buy it !! Always read the disclaimer and act acoordly
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The manual is there to be read, all the simplifications, are posted there, all the assumptions are posted there.
The problem of the huge footings are weel known, the winkler coeficient is there to be used.
" and their FEM elements are kind of "special" not normal FEM" it´s all explained in the manual, this is not the big problem of cypecad, the bigest problem is their consideration of rigid diaphragm.
There is a simple way to test cypecad, it requires a internet connection, and it´s their After Hours version, see in there web page, there is inglish versions.
It´s probably, the most used software in Portugal, an probably in spain (in these days no software is used, no projects), In Portugal the seismic analisis it´s present .

Very productive
A small curve of learning
Very good drawnings (they require some cad work)
good results for the problems it solves, and only for that problems, cypecad do not analise a bridge, only framed concrete//steel buildings.
very easy to input data

A lot of simplifications and a çot of limitations, do not use cypecad outside of that simplifications and considerations
It still is a black box, but they are working hard in solving that
sometimes there is strange results, but it´s always bad use of the software.
Anly 3 gdl in analises of bar elements, and slab anlisis (it´s in the manual), good for 80 to 95 % of Pt Buildings.
rigid diaphragm consideration, it´s a strange consideration that they still make of this, but it´s in the manual.

Final a very good software to buy, very productive, and very good for 80 to 95 % of buildings.
If you have to analise buildings like "casa da musica" (google it) it´s not good, if your work is analise and detail small and medium framed buildings it´s a very good software,
Do not know if they have cyprus codes in the software.
hope that help´s , my inglish it´s poor (sorry)
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Thank you guys for your advises. I have purchase the software after using the trial. It is very easy to learn. The drawings need some work but nothing to worry about. Steel design is just perfect. I am still learning it. Lot of simplifications which i still do not know if this is an advantage or disadvantage (until now i was a staad pro user with no simplification ). If i was to compare it with the Greek softwares ,that most of the engineers in Cyprus use, this is better and cheaper. Excellent support and from what i heard crucial updates. The only disadvantage for now is that it is difficult to find tutorials in English language. I will keep updating this thread for those who are interested.
Once again thank you.
@rottweiler ,


Can I know how did you pay to purchase this software?

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