Unasaturated soil mechanics - from where to start
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Unasaturated soil mechanics - from where to start
Hello to all,
Years of procrastination has finally got me and I have to start with studying unsaturated soil mechanics. There are lots of books and papers regarding this topic, but I would like to see the experience of others with these works.
So the main question of this thread would be, what book to use when you're starting with unsaturated soil mechanics? Is the books and papers written by Fredlund that good and sufficient enough?
With kind regards
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Dear Freequo,

You are absolutely correct. There are so many books and resource available for this topic. Even our forum is flooded with too. But as a beginner, i would recommend you to start with a short presentation with 78 slides, which has the extract of the topic as a whole from Terzaghi's lectures..

Here's the link from our forum :
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i would say start with Fredlund's book and some of PhD thesis where you can find a clear explanation of the concept of unsaturated soil. Also I recommended to start with the concept of Soil Suction which is an important stress-state variable of unsaturated soils, and then you can study the the behavior of unsaturated soils (the shear strength, the hydraulic conductivity, and the volume change).
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any particular PhD in mind and paper?
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