Midas Gen 2015
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Midas Gen 2015
Midas Gen 2015 new look. While Etabs 2013 is trying to copy the old Midas Gen interface Midas IT is moving forward to align all its software products with Microsoft and Autodesk ribbon interface standard.

Midas Gen 2015 will be released end of October 2014.

[Image: 49983602757696684940.jpg]

[Image: 03624776872583906751.jpg]
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I know this interface from Midas Civil and is very user-friendly. Based on your screen capture, in Gen 2015 appears that the tree-menu is present too (not in Civil), this is a very good notice for old users.

I've heard that the new Gen 2015 will include 64 bit support, so it can handle larger models because no memory limitation over 4Gb.
New Function: Midas Gen 2015 V1.1 (Release End Of Otc. 2014)

-Supporting 64bit Pre & Post-processing, 64bit/GPU solver
-Ribbon Menu
-Performing Pushover Analysis only for Selected Pushover Load Cases
-Stiffness Scale Factor for Plate Element
-Revit 2015 Interface
-7 DOF Beam Elements considering Warping Constant
-Auto-generation of LinearConstraintat Wall and Plate Element Connection
-Assigning Floor Loads to the Area including Shear Walls generated with Plate Elements
-Rotate Plate Elements by User Defined Angles for checking Plate Results
-Assigning a Single Pushover Hinge to Walls with identical Wall ID
-Assigning Inelastic Hinge Properties to Wall Elements
-Considering Openings in Wall Elements
-Multi-Tower Module for Story and Static Wind Load Definition
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