What does "as-built" mean?
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[Request] What does "as-built" mean?
Dear friends,

I'm not a native english speaker and could use some help with this technical expression.

Could someone explain to me what does 'as-built' mean?

For example in this part of an abstract of a seismic analysis article:

"Some results of predictive numerical analyses, both for 'as-built' and 'isolated' configurations are illustrated and discussed."

What would be the differences between the 'as-built' model and the 'isolated' model used in the above numerical analysis study?

Thank you.
It seems that the paper is about base isolation structures.
As-built is the real building, as it was built.
Isolated, could be a model of the building + an isolated base.
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Thanks w64bit.

So this would probably be used when talking about structural retrofitting.

Like when there's an existing structure that needs to be reinforced, so one would create a model of what exists (as-built) to check its performance, and then other models to analyze the retrofitting solutions.
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In Northamerica, the "as-built" term is used to define how the structure was truly built as opposed to what was designed and shown originally on construction drawings. Consider that what has been built might not exactly be what was shown on the original drawings issued for construction.

As-built drawings are created by the continued modification of the issued for construction drawings with the "natural" changes occuring during construction.

However, sometimes many years after a building was completed, the drawings the Owner has of a building do not exactly reflect modifications or substitutions that were implemented during construction or after the original construction was completed. Thus, one as a Strutural Engineer can not completely rely on drawings if these do not exactly say "As-Built". It is not unsual to have drawings of a building which do not exactly match what it is encountered on site.

In your case:
"Some results of predictive numerical analyses, both for 'as-built' and 'isolated' configurations are illustrated and discussed"
I believe what it is being said might be that the as-built structure was not isolated as was the "original" intention.
Yours truly, gulilero
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