Measurement and modeling of footfall vibrations in a sensitive laboratory facility
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Measurement and modeling of footfall vibrations in a sensitive laboratory facility
Measurement and modeling of footfall vibrations in a sensitive laboratory facility

Author: Brad Pridham, Andrew Bell and Steve Meszaros | Size: 406 KB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Proceedings of the IMAC-XXVII February 9-12, 2009 Orlando, Florida USA ©2009 Society for Experimental Mechanics Inc. | Year: 2009 | pages: 12

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Research (academic and industrial) and healthcare facilities contain a number of equipment and procedures that are sensitive to footfall-induced vibrations. Vibration thresholds for these equipment and procedures impose demands on the structural design beyond the typical requirements for strength and serviceability. Vibration engineers typically conduct site measurements and numerical modeling of the floor to assist with the design. The development of practical and accurate numerical models for estimating floor responses is an important component of this process.
Variations in key modeling assumptions can produce impractical and potentially incorrect design recommendations. It is therefore important to be aware of the impacts of modeling assumptions on response predictions. These impacts can be effectively assessed through comparisons of experimental and full scale measurements with numerical prediction models.
In this study, measured floor vibration data from an existing laboratory are used for the development and evaluation of numerical prediction models for footfall vibrations. An existing vibration-sensitive laboratory floor was measured in three configurations: un-furnished pre-retrofit, unfurnished post-retrofit and furnished postretrofit.
Inaccuracies that can arise during floor vibration modeling are highlighted, in addition to the effects of changes to the structural system and the introduction of laboratory furnishings on footfall response levels.

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