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lavteam exclusive
i have noticed lavteam has placed a tag on its effort producing meds "not to be posted in civil**.com".

[Image: P142.png]

this is true for the latest mstowerv62, or microstranv9, etc.. while other forums post their work regardless, ii hope it is not an issue with us given this is also posted in the software section. just thinking..
Stability is the best policy.
It is not a Lavteam but of those cracks creator. He is a subscriber in our forum too but refuse to post here because our forum is not according to Lavteam declared "Free for all". This is mainly against but we are included too. Users of Lavteam having accounts here copy there and in general we all copy from everywhere. The difference (in my opinion) is sell and nothing else and we are a forum (i hope you see the difference). It's true here new users and lazy old users must pay a subscription but comparing to the VIP fee is nothing and here we sometimes discuss about engineering problems and not only sell cracks. Yes, in Lavteam they have some good users and the Administrator posts are at a high level (not of other users) but try to find something there (and you complain about our search), try to find something in threads containing thousands of posts (including requests related or not to the subject), thanks and spam. My conception about moderating is so far different compared to what some good posters or crackers promoted there as "teamers" or something like this do for moderating but Lavteam (not only civil engineering forum but more) is better than other foreign language forums (no names).
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Another comment to the discussion and allow me to add that not only free shared software its been sold any kind of free material that could come across on the internet its been offered now: presentations, video, scripts, text, spreadsheets or worksheets, codes, thesis and dissertations, university materials, product and sales support material and anything you can imagine posted by: bloggers, forums, universities, associations, services providers and professionals trying to publish their capacities services and products, free share sites, and even government materials, etc. all of the above published with a genuine interest but as a free shared material by the original poster whom ever they may be. this from where I came its called piracy and not sharing. and it just begin to do the expected damage.

One point here dedicated to those who hasn't note this its that the donation made in this great forum obeys to the survival of the same.
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For every new donation Dears @Administrator and @BennyP adds donator's name to the list of donators. I appreciate this personally
Anybody with a right mind can look at to this list and see that only 365 people's name is listed (some donated more than once) ( compare to 94,000+ members as of today )
It should be clear that this forum members are spending their own money, time to help and to share.
How many years this forum is active?
How much money spent, compared to donations ? (peanuts)
Therefore .....

I would like to take this opportunity again to ask good souls to Donate !
Imagine if half of these thousands of members donate just once. We can have this forum forever
( I guess I am the only one so far who asks for money for the forum - so be it )

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sorry for my delay,
in mentioned topic we named only donators users and not subscriber users.
unfortunately subscriber decreased during last month and also donators too.
yes, if only 20% of users donate we can improve forum, more and more . we stop 3 or 4 project of civilea due to loss of money.
anyway I`m very busy these days and Ill continue my projects in future even cost it from my pocket.
we are not like other similar sites, we are different and we will be more different in future we do not want to be as a shared site we want to be as a science and reference site,
we need unique mind, we need suggestions.
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