Which FEA Software
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Which FEA Software
Hi everyone.

I want to learn to use some software of general finite element analysis (fea). I'm a user of CSi products and other structural softwares, but sometimes I need to model some kind of particular steel connection, the sap2000 is a good software but will be so difficult if you want to model some conditions of weldings, bolts or plates. For example in a steel shape, if you put a plate on the flange, you joint them with weldings on the edge of the plate, but sap2000 joint them between the surface in contact, that's no real.

I want to someone reccomend me a software that will be better for my case, for example: Ansys, Abaqus, Cosmos, Catia, etc.
I don't want to use the best software of fea, I wish to use a software for my needs.

Thanks in advance.
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In my view and understanding, I think for your purpose ABAQUS will serve your purpose much better than others..
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I wonder if there has been any form of results comparison between FEA programs for simple structures or components. For example, how are the results from say COSMOS that's bundled with Solidworks compared to Abaqus or Nastran. Just wondering.
I would pick Abaqus over other software in the market. It provides great flexibility for you to do your job as well as let you do your own research work.
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Try First Femap as your pre & post processor. Its easy to use & will be able to model steel connections as linear as well as non-linear connections with choice of your solver like Abaqus and ANSYS.
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for steel material, ANSYS & ABAQUS are good, but i think ANSYS is more easier than ABAQUS, but with concrete material ANSYS is very bad, in concrete material i strongly you, used ABAQUS, totaly i think ANSYS is more easier than ABAQUS, specially modelling in ANSYS is very easy, i have no knowledge about othe FEA Softwares (opensys is better for soil modeling)
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Do you think that ABAQUS is good for modelling the behaviour of a rockfill dam ????
I have used ANSYS only. As Admin says I think it is not verymuch useful for modeling concrete elements. The STIFF 65 element is having rebar modeling capabilities. However my friend tells that NISA is the better FEA software for civil engineering applications.

Its site is :

[Image: Download.png]

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I'm agree with you. I'm also CSI user, but now I'm expanding to ABAQUS. It's quite sophisticated!! thumbup


as far as I know, they aren't any research regarding those result's comparation. Perhaps, I'll do it, and then I'll post it here... thumbup

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