Micro Structure Effect of Concrete Degradation for Compressive Strength of Concrete B
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Micro Structure Effect of Concrete Degradation for Compressive Strength of Concrete B
Micro Structure Effect of Concrete Degradation for Compressive Strength of Concrete Burned in High Temperature

Author: Setyowati E W , Soehardjono A , Zacoeb A , Fuad A , Mufti N | Size: 767 KB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering | Year: 2012 | pages: 06

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Abstract- It is generally recognized that the
environmental degradation of the concrete infrastructure is
a serious, large scale and costly problem in many parts of
the world. This study discussed about the power of concrete
structure especially the comparison of the compressive
strength of concrete due to higher temperature of fire with
the micro structure of concrete degradation . The
methodology consisted of experiment using the concrete
samples that was carried out by trial kinds temperature of
400°C, 600°C, and 800°C with factor of cement water was
steady in 28 days and then carried out process at the
burner wich burned . The study highlights thecapabilities
of the methods for the analysis of concrete towards the
determination of hardenedcement paste degradation. The
methods ascertain that the samples XRD results showed
small quantity of ettringite, calcium, carboaluminate
hydrate , and a complete leach of portlandite fase and to be
smaller than in high temperature and to be loos at 800
oC.The result for the SEM it will be degradation at micro
structure of concrete, like the micro crack on material
concrete at high temperature (800oC). The result
compressive test for 80 samples of concrete is the
compressive strength for the material concrete is become
lower than in high temperature, up to70 % .

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