What to do after obtaining PhD?
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What to do after obtaining PhD?
It is a very simple question, but really what to do?
To continue working on the research you've started or go into the darkness?

What about postdoc opportunities? Come to think of it, it look to me there were more opportunities few years ago then now.
Question science
Phd, will close lots of doors but open some, all depend on what your goals are. getting jobs with Phd is not easy, unless you work for yourself or do academical. that's what I see around.
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Did you get your PhD? (Congrats)
If not , I hope you get it soon
Firstly hang it on the wall , and look at it for an hourHappy (joke)

I think a government job would be good. Teaching is a good experience. If you still like research, it is even better
All and all you will be better off with a degree, anyway
Time will show you.
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IN Australia if you have PhD you have closed your opportunities, but if you go Asian countries, surely you can obtain a good teaching job, otherwise continue doing post doctoral.


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