Cyclic loading deterioration effect in RC moment frames in pushover analysis
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Cyclic loading deterioration effect in RC moment frames in pushover analysis
Cyclic loading deterioration effect in RC moment frames in pushover analysis

Author: G. Ghodrati Amiri; B. Mohebi & S.A. Razavian Amrei | Size: 426 KB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions in Structural Engineering and Construction – Ghafoori (ed.) © 2010 Taylor & Francis Group, London, | Year: 2010 | pages: 6 | ISBN: 978-0-415-56809-8

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The aim of this research is to investigate effect of hysteresis loops in static nonlinear analysis.
One of the inefficiencies of static nonlinear analysis is that nonlinear behavior of structural elements due to
cyclic deformations is approximately considered in the analysis, and only one quarter of a full hysteretic loop
is considered. For investigating the effect of this inefficiency in analysis results, three intermediate concrete
moment frames are selected. These models are selected from regular RC structures. The notified procedures in
FEMA-356 and proposed plastic hinges in this guideline are utilized for performing static nonlinear analysis.
A coefficient for consideration of stiffness degradation and strength deterioration is proposed by FEMA-356 in
nonlinear static analysis. This coefficient for intermediate RC moment frames is equal to unity. For calculation
of this coefficient, in this paper, the nonlinear dynamic analysis is used. Clough and Takeda Hysteretic loops
and a hysteretic loop that considers effects of severe stiffness degradation, strength deterioration and pinching
are assumed in nonlinear dynamic analysis. By comparison of results the value of this coefficient is obtained
25% more than the value proposed by FEMA-356.

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