Finding "Dead Links" in our forum
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[Problem] Finding "Dead Links" in our forum
Dear All

We all love our forum CivilEA, it gives us so much, in return we have to do our part.
This is the cleanest, best organized forum there is.

In searching the forum we always come across this broken so called "Dead Links"

I was just wondering if somebody among us knows a way to figure out to find these Dead Links ahead of the time , so it can be sorted and made available to whomever wants to spend time to refresh them, if he/she has the material.

Currently status of this matter is time consuming. ( I personaly check the new posts, to see if it is about a Dead Link, then I search my Archives for the request.)

If somebody finds a dead link, he/she posts a request for it, and may be in couple of days it is refreshed by a Good Soul.

I think finding a shortest way for this would make our forum, very dynamic, and it will attrack more users, too. This would translate into new material, new horizons for everybody.

A lot of times users request a new link, but in reality there would be some links alive in the thread among the posts.

Thank you for your time and effort.
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