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Author: P. C. Varghese | Size: 36 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: PHI Learning | Year: 2010 | pages: 355

[Image: 75055987946447268684.jpg]

[Image: info.png]

This comprehensive and well-organized text provides a masterly exposition of the fundamentals of analysis and design of reinforced concrete shells and folded plates, commonly known as thin concrete roof structures. Divided into 20 chapters, the book presents practical designs of different types of domes, cylindrical shells, paraboloids, conoids, and groined shells, as well as various types of folded plates. The text also incorporates tables from ASCE Manual No. 31.

The book explains the subject in such a way that it can be easily understood even by students who have a basic knowledge of mathematics. Students will find the chapters on Folded Plates particularly useful as these structures are easy to build. After studying the book, their analysis and design can be done with greater ease.

Key Features :

Explains step-by-step the procedure for the design of various types of shells and folded plates.

The book is lecture-based, each chapter dealing with one topic. (This enables the teachers to plan their lectures in a proper fashion.)

Provides a large number of worked-out examples and review questions at ends of chapters, which are illustrative and act as brain teasers.

Gives large number of diagrams to illustrate the concepts discussed.

This reader friendly book is intended as a text for the postgraduate students of Civil Engineering/Architecture. As with all the books of Prof. P.C. Varghese, who brings in all his years of experience and expertise into his work, this book too would be of enormous help to practising engineers and architects besides the students.

Foreword • Preface • Introduction
1. Historical Development of Modern Shell Roofs
2. Common Types of Shell Roofs
3. Classical Method of Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Shells
4. Spherical Domes and Conical Roofs
5. Analysis of Circular Cylindrical Shells
6. Beam Theory for Long Cylindrical Shells
7. Static Checks of Results of Analysis of Cylindrical Shells
8. Analysis of Circular Cylindrical Shells with Edge Beams
9. Detailing of Steel in Cylindrical Shells
10. Design of Transverse Stiffeners of Cylindrical Shells
11. Paraboloid Shells (Hyperbolic Paraboloids)
12. Parabolic Conoids
13. Groined Shells
14. Design and Construction of a Groined Shell—An Example
15. Folded Plates—Preliminary Analysis
16. Folded Plates—Correction Analysis—Simpson’s Method
17. Example to Illustrate Complete Analysis of Folded Plates
18. Design of Reinforcements in Folded Plates and Supporting Diaphragms
19. Buckling of R.C. Roof Shells
20. Design of Pyramid Roofs
A. A Short History of Masonry Domes
B. Funicular Shells
C. Geometric Curves
D. Tension Structures
E. Tables from ASCE Manual No. 31
Bibliography • Index

[Image: download.png]
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This is a google ripped version of the book. Considerable time and effort has been put in obtaining this material from Google books. This version is almost complete with only about 25 pages missing from the whole book. These missing pages have been substituted by a blank page. Perhaps, some other person may scan and add the missing pages.

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This is for EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY. If you like this book, BUY IT! and Support the Author.
Enjoy! Regards,
Civil engineers are among the most fortunate of men since they build their own monuments with public consent, public approval and often public money.
- John Prebble
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