Collapse Modelling Analysis of a Precast Soft-Storey Building in Melbourne
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Collapse Modelling Analysis of a Precast Soft-Storey Building in Melbourne
Collapse Modelling Analysis of a Precast Soft-Storey Building in Melbourne

Author: A. Wibowo , J.L. Wilson , E.F. Gad1, , N.T.K. Lam , P. Collier | Size: 0.3 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: AUSTRALIAN EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING SOCIETY; 2009 CONFERENCE, Newcastle, New South Wales, 11-13 December 2009 | Year: 2009 | pages: 11

[Image: info.png]

Experimental field testing of a soft storey building in Melbourne has been undertaken
by Swinburne University of Technology in collaboration with The University of
Melbourne. The upper levels that consisted of precast walls and slabs were demolished
to the first floor. The soft storey open ground floor was a precast concrete frame with
connections significantly weaker than the members they connected. Four tests were
conducted with combination between load directions (strong and weak) and restraints of
ground slab (with or without ground slab). The experimental results show that soft
storey columns were found to have significant displacement capacity irrespective of
strength degradation.
An analytical model has been developed to predict force-displacement relationship of
the tested frame. The model includes the influences of: a) connection strength at column
ends; b) gravity rocking strength; and c) ground slab restraint. Results from the
developed model were found to be in excellent agreement with experimental test results,
showing that the top connection in the form of an unbonded high strength steel bars
dominated the overall load-deflection behaviour in the strong direction. However, the
gravity rocking mechanism dominated the behaviour in the weak direction. The
presence of the ground slab provides additional restraint to the column and significant
additional lateral strength to the system.

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