A new way to advertise for engineering programs
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A new way to advertise for engineering programs
As I see it a while ago some companies have begun producing engineering programs using a new new way to advertise for their engineering programs.
while at the same time these company are trying to protrct their products.
One of the new methods is to get a limited period ,the program will work with full options then expire. so this is a good chance to let user see the program and knows all features of this software and decide if it is useful prog or not.
other methods , by activating some options only of the program for the purpose of increasing advertising and spreading the software between socity of engineers.

By these methods also they decrease a chances to crack their softwares.

But although it is still some companies allow the circulation of all of its products among all users without increasing restrictions to protect programs and believes that it is still the best methods to achieve proliferation and good sales.
And certainly it depends on the size of each company and the amount of spread around the world and the ability of their products competitive with other similar programs have

That these ideas are just a personal viewpoint
Made welcome and opinions of all my dear colleagues
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Hello friend,

I think two or three versions should be made available, one for free, one for evaluation, one commercial.
The free and evaluation, to be safe from hackers, should have the commercial code removed.
If you switch from free to commercial only by license code/file, a code/license generator or patch can be easily built.

If you remove the code and give trial only to trusted partners chances are low for it to be fixed.

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I would also ask my friends how much would they pay for my product and if they find it useful. And where will they look for it. Or how did they find the software they are using.

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