Lateral movements in composite high-rise buildings under Seismic Action
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Lateral movements in composite high-rise buildings under Seismic Action
Lateral movements in composite high-rise buildings under Seismic Action

Author: T. Fatima*, S. Fawzia* and A. Nasir** | Size: 0.32 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Queensland University of Technology , 2 George Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000 | pages: 8

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Daring human nature has already led to the construction of high-rise buildings in naturally
challenging geological regions and in worse environments of the world. However; literature review
divulges that there is a lag in research of certain generic principles and rules for the prediction of
lateral movement in multistorey construction. The present competitive trend orders the best possible
used of available construction material and resources. Hence; the mixed used of reinforced concrete
with structural steel is gaining prevalence day by day. This paper investigates the effects of Seismic
load on composite multistorey building provided with core wall and trusses through FEM
modelling. The results showed that increased rigidity corresponds to lower period of vibration and
hence higher seismic forces. Since Seismic action is a function of mass and response acceleration,
therefore; mass increment generate higher earthquake load and thus cause higher impact base shear
and overturning movement. Whereas; wind force depends on building exposed, larger the plan
dimension greater is the wind impact. Nonetheless; outriggers trusses noticeably contribute, in
improving the serviceability of structure subjected to wind and earthquake forces.

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