Pilled Retaining Wall
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[Request] Pilled Retaining Wall
Good Morning Friends,

Can any one help me with Piled retaining wall design document.

I dont see any documents particularly for piled retaining wall. You can derive from the basic principle.
While calculating overturning effects from the lateral pressure, you may require to provide a pile to resist tension (uplift) or compression.
And or it may need to resist lateral shear as well.

The bottom slab of the retaining wall to be designed to transfer the forces to the piles. If you have any problem, you can post the pictures to help more on this.

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An alternative is try to find manuals and tutorials of programs like:
- Ensoft LPile (we have in our forum);
- Fides Wall Retain (search in our forum);
- GGU LatPile and GGU Retain (both in our forum);

The report results of some of then are very complete and useful.

Of course, Search in their home page, like:

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Good luck

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