Cast in Place Concrete Bridge Construction Methodology
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Cast in Place Concrete Bridge Construction Methodology
If anyone has access to a cast in place concrete bridge construction method statement, please share it.
Dear Marete,

Your question is wide generic. There's a lot of books in this forum about bridge construction, including cast-in-place method.

Please, could you be more specific about your doubts?

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Thank you very much Dell,

I agree with you on the generality of the question. However, i'm looking for an appropriate construction methodology outlining the sequencing of activities while using the cast in place method of construction.

In particular im interested in how to design the formwork propping system beneath the beams and deck.

Dear Marete,

Sorry to still be seeing your question still pretty generic, but would like to expose some parameters that can help you.

Some common situations where cast-in place concrete are used in bridges:
1- Small bridges;
2- Bridges (or viaducts) with no restriction of formwork support/shoring;
3- Balanced cantilever method;
4- Formwork carriage method;
5- Incremental launching;

Refer to this link for further information:
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One more time, fell free to return with more specific questions.



As you can see, there's a lot of bridge types/lengths of bridges where cast-in-place concrete and different types of formwork can be used.
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