Progressive collapse resisting capacity of moment frames with viscous dampers
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Progressive collapse resisting capacity of moment frames with viscous dampers
Progressive collapse resisting capacity of moment frames with viscous dampers

Author: Jinkoo Kim, Seungjun Lee and Hyunhoon Choi | Size: 1.35 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Wiley | Year: 2011 | pages: 16

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In this paper, the effect of viscous dampers on reducing progressive collapse potential of steel moment
frames was evaluated by nonlinear dynamic analysis. Parametric studies were conducted fi rst to evaluate
the effects of dampers installed in a steel beam-column subassembly with varying natural period and yield
strength on the reduction of progressive collapse potential. Then 15-story moment-resisting frames with
three different span lengths were designed with and without viscous dampers, and the effect of viscous
dampers was investigated by nonlinear dynamic analysis. According to the parametric study, the vertical
displacement generally decreased as the damping ratio of the system increased, and the dampers were
effective in both the elastic and the elasto-plastic systems. It was also observed that the effect of the damper
increased as the natural period of the structure increased and the strength ratio decreased. The analysis
results of 15-story analysis model structures showed that the viscous dampers, originally designed to reduce
earthquake-induced vibration, were effective in reducing vertical displacement of the structures caused by
sudden removal of a fi rst-story column, and the effect was more predominant in the structure with longer
span length.

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