Server Issue
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Server Issue
Dear all members,

we are really sorry and apologize for recent issue on site, due to terminating our server panel due to US embargo, and also doing some improvement on server, we prepare new server with new HTTP webserver and accelerator on it. We worked more than 10 days for preparing it. we tested it before switching on new server and all things looks good, then we switched DNS records to new server, new DNS usually need 24-72 hours to apply to all internet provider in the world, unfortunately after this work done we found due to a issue users can not log-n forum also we do not have any access to admin control panel, we (support team) start works on new server to fix the issue and we decided to change DNS record to old server again to bring p forum again, unfortunately this changes need 24-72 hours again to be applied.

All these works is for having best place for large amount of users. Security, Performance are going to increase.
any way we apologize you for this issue. and we`ll announce that may be some like issue will be happen till fully migration to new server done.

Admin and Technical Support Team.
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Dear all;

New server is ready for migration, we checked it during last days,
we prefer to close forum before migration, may be tomorrow we closed forum for 24-48 hours for completing migration.

New server uses some feature that increase performance more than what you thinks.

Thanks for your understanding.
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  • 2013/04/21 11:00 GMT
Forum will be closed and shutdown during next hours. We`ll back between 12~36 Hours later.
I note that you may need to delete your browsers cache and/or refresh browser` tab by Ctrl+F5 to view sites in new server (about 24 hours after closing forum).
You can see our facebook page for any urgent news about this issue.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.
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