Slenderness ratio of main members between interconnectors of built-up compression mem
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Slenderness ratio of main members between interconnectors of built-up compression mem
Slenderness ratio of main members between interconnectors of built-up compression members

Author: Murray C. Temple and Ghada M. Elmahdy | Size: 583 KB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering | Year: 1996 | pages: 11

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Many steel design standards, including CANICSA-S16.1-M89 "Limit states design of steel structures,"
specify maximum slenderness ratios for the individual main members between the interconnectors of built-up
compression members. Previous research on which these requirements are based is reviewed. It is shown that the
imperfection sensitivity due to coupled instabilities is measured from bifurcation critical loads. However, steel standards
are based on a compressive resistance determined for a member with an initial out-of-straightness and a suitable residual
stress pattern. It is shown that the use of an equivalent slenderness ratio equation is sufficient to predict the compressive
resistance of these built-up members. Further restrictions on the slenderness ratio of built-up members between
inter connectors are not warranted. Thus, the elimination of these requirements from S16.1-94 is justified.

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