Gust buffeting and turbulence uncertainties
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Gust buffeting and turbulence uncertainties
Gust buffeting and turbulence uncertainties

Author: Luisa Carlotta Pagnini, Giovanni Solari | Size: 282 KB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Elsevier | Year: 2001 | pages: 19

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Literature on turbulence modeling is rich in empirical, semi-empirical and theoretical spectral equations whose parameters assume deterministic values. Starting from a critical review of the state of the art, a unitary model of the 3-D atmospheric turbulence was proposed where all parameters are defined by first- and second-order statistical moments derived from a wide selection of experimental measurements. Analyses based on Monte Carlo simulation of the model parameters show that the propagation of turbulence uncertainties over the windexcited response of structures gives rise to a relevant scatter. The passage from Monte Carlo simulations to Taylor series expansions addressed to apply the first-order second-moment technique provides systematic rules to deal with the structural response in a full probabilistic environment. It also allows appreciation of the role of each uncertain parameter. The joint application of this procedure and a closed form solution of the response drastically reduces the computational burden and makes these analyses operatively possible. The proposed approach is a step forward towards the formulation of a unitary probabilistic model of the wind-excited response of structures, comprehensive of model errors, parameter uncertainties and parameter randomness

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