A method for delineating and estimating rainfall fields
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A method for delineating and estimating rainfall fields
A method for delineating and estimating rainfall fields

Author: C. BARANCOURT AND J. D. CREUTIN | Size: 1.1 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Wiley | Year: 1992 | pages: 12

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A geostatisticaml odelh as beend efinedt o deal with intermittentr ainfall fields. The intermittencyi s
representedb y a binary randomf unction,w hile, insidet he rainy areas, the rainfall variability is
rendered by an intrinsic random function. A rain gage data set from the Cevennes region (France) is
usedt o infer the model.T he inner variabilityi s independenot f the intermittency,t hereby allowing a
simplee stimationre lyingo n the separatek rigingo f theset wo componentsC. omparisono f the rainfall
assessmentms adeb y a classicg lobalk riginga nd the proposedm ethods howsi ts clear superiorityf or
delineating and estimating rainfall fields.

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