new section for non - English materials
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new section for non - English materials
Dear Admin.
really I'm proud of our forum and we have to mention to your effort and your generosity
day by day we see the new and every one here is indebted to you and your forum

already we have a section ( Non-English written codes ) - so , my suggestion is - can we open a new section for the materials which created by other language like training vedio ????

the aim of my suggestion is to cover all members requirements insted of publishing or searching in other forums and make our members always related with our great forum
thanks in advance
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Nice suggestion

However how about moderating these non-english material

As a moderator I know only english and one other language (usually same with all other moderators)... so we won't be able to judge/distinguish between engineering and non engineering material... and that's probably a big loop hole for probable spamming
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To implement this recommendation, it should be, first and foremost, a Moderator for every possible language in which they can be placed Posts. Otherwise, it would be unmanageable a section of such features ...
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You can find in forum 2 pages of discussion about posting books in other languages than English. The answer was NO and excepting the Non English Codes all this forum is in English.
We want material for all our users and not only for a part understanding the specific language.
We can't moderate and i believe anyone can find engineering forums in his language somewhere and we will not begin to make subforums and subsections for every possible language. This forum is what it is because it is organized better than others (after many work and years) and is no reason to open junk sections with books, software, manuals etc.. for every language and without moderation.
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Dear all staff ,
thanks for your replies which I expected before posting my suggestion
but I mentioned in my suggestion to an example ( video training ) which I think the language hasn't a big effect to understand the video content, more over some videos are created ( silent )
So, we find good videos with a different languages , but the forum rules not allow to post it

any how, I 'm sorry for disturbance
thanks for all
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You can post video training in other language if it is clearly shows engineering content, I agree with you that some training videos do not need content language.
CivilEA is international community, our accepted language is ENGLISH only. but you are allowed to put non-english if they are clearly show the purpose.
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