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CivilEA New Server
Dear All

We transferred CivilEA to new server, we are extremely sorry for shutting down website suddenly. This was unmanaged issue.
Because of new year holidays we forced to do transferring yesterday by our provider this is why we shut down site without any announcement.
Anyway we hope you accept our apologize for this issue.
You may see some errors in next few days. This is normal. We are working hard to finalize transferring.

Yours Truly, Team
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Sorry for last night issue, this was unexpected issue.
We are working on server to fastening security on it, and this lead to go to offline our forum.
May be some similar issue will happen during 2~3 days,
We apologize from all fans due to this issue.
All this works are for you to have secure forum.

We extremely sorry for this unexpected issue.
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Hello all;

Sorry for last down on forum, due to server crash our SQL server has been down, due to mid-night in our local time we did not inform about this down, anyway CivilEA is up now.

We are very very sorry about this down time on CivilEA sites.
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Forum will be go offline during next hour, we`ll do some update on it. may be 1-hours or more CivilEA does not accessible.

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