Is this a good job offer?
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Is this a good job offer?
Hi Friends,
Hope everybody is OK. I have got a job offer from a structural engineering firm based in Manhattan. They have following offer.

1- Annual Compensation of $65,000.
2- Medical/Dental/Vision/Prescription.
3- 15 Paid time off.
4 - No paid over time (though I have to work overtime).
5- No advantage if I get PE ( I am waiting for the exam result)

About my experience.

1- 4.5 yrs. experience as structural engineer from Pakistan
2- Worked with a contractor in NY for more than 3 years as project manager.
3- Unemployed these days, I left the job because of personal reasons, was getting $84,000 from that contractor.
4- Well familiar with ACI 318-08 and AISC LRFD 13th Ed.
5- Familiar with Finite Element Analysis Softwares ( Etabs and Staad Pro) and AutoCAD/Revit Structure
6- MS (structural engineering) from Ivy League College with GPA of 4.
7- Already taken PE Exam, Confident that I'll pass it.
8- Already earning about the same they have offered me by working with contractors ( preparing schedules, shop drawings, estimates etc.)

Personally I don't think that this is a good offer but I also acknowledge that I do not have structural engineering experience from USA.

So do you think it’s a good offer? It's not that I badly need a job but it’s just that I want to work on some high-rise projects.

Anybody from USA please guide me.
I have to reply them today ( 4pm EST) so early response will be highly appreciated.

Update 1-
Just got the PE result and I have passed it.

Thank You.
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In south of Europe is a very good offer (if $ means dollar), in the north is a regular offer, in here we have 30 days paid off (continuos count).
In here it´s not important the health insurance (not very important)
Even in north Europ is a good offer for a guy only with 4-5 yrs exprience

What´s PE exam?
For your experience and background; it's not a bad offer; especially for the East Coast. If you are hurting for work, it would be worth taking. Remember, it's easier to find a job when you have one.

Congrats on the PE!

Best of luck!
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First of all congratulations on getting your PE.

If you are in Buildings it is a fair to good offer. Buildings will not pay overtime & will give you 10 days of PTO + 1 week of sick time.
If you are in Bridges it is a fair offer. Bridges will not pay overtime & will give you 15 days of PTO (this will include your sick time).
If you are in Oil and Gas, keep hunting. O&G will pay straight overtime and will give you 15 days of PTO (this will include your sick time).

Finally, if you do not have a job... it is easier to find a good job once you have a job and experience in your field of interest. Experience in construction is good. However, it means little to a design firm for marketing you.

Kind regards,
If you are not married it is a good offer.
Congratulations on PE
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