i am a newbie
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i am a newbie
hi iam new here.pls welcome me for this forum
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I'm too :)

Nice to meet everybody O_o
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Hi fellows.
Are you engineers too ? Why to not tell us something about you. Introduce section is for members that want to indicate the speciality, the period of service, even the hobbies. Next time someone will use this section to set a blind date.
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Hi Everyone,

I’m a newbie here and I’m so glad to be part in this forum. Hopefully, I will see more interaction and rich thoughts about many topics over here. I am learning much just based on by reading.There are many interesting things I have seen in the site and I am eager to do my first post.
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I am Haris ,New to this forum. I am 24 ,Male . Welcome to all .I think forum is a place to share our problems with each other and find thier best solution.SO keep doing posts and solve ours problems. Have a nice day....
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Dear members, dear Admin;

I strongly encourage that this thread be closed and all newbies use the existing to do this self introduce:

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(As a matter of fact, I think that this 2 threads must be merged!)


Dell Brett
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