Bad clones of CivilEA
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Bad clones of CivilEA
No one can stop you to enter any site (maybe your leaders in some parts of our not always free world) and you can press Thanks when a stupid advertizer post in every section free for not activated users and advertize his site. Today was the third time and if someone from Sri Lanka think we cannot complain and report abuse he will find quickly his IP banned not only in our forum.

All the advertizers and all spammers are quickly banned in our forum and if our users post a new reply of "really nice website" as someone do today he will be warned without any connection with the advertizer's post because this is spam. No one asks aradadi his opinion about this site and posting opinions only is always warned (ardadi warned by me and banned by Admin).

The bellow text was composed by LiviuM and i hope will clarify our opinon about sites like this one. I know many engineering forums (some ot them good too), i prefere our organised and clean forum and i know we all use material from other forums but if someone steal from here at least to not advertize his forum based on our material.

If you'll visit ******* or other forums/website like it you'll find there material taken from CivilEA, badly organized and not maintained. And more important you'll find less and not updated material like software or books.
These bad clones of CivilEA exist only because of CivilEA.
The bad people who are creating these clone websites copy material from CivilEA for only one purpose, to make money by advertising.
Moreover by writing link to their website here they just prove how little value has their website compared to CivilEA.
i have a suggestion , if those websites (clone websites form civilea) owned their files (as they claim) , we can watermark our files , so no one can anymore use our files , like those we scan our hands (not rubberizing from other liberalizes) , so the owner of file could be indicated.
furthermore , the lazy owners of those websites , just copy and past , our PDFs , so they just advertise us!
furthermore , we can make our PDFs with digital locks , which the user should connects to Civilea server to be able to read the contents.
this is my opinion , because you will be never able to stop these foolish cloners , except by this trick.
respect the science , with open mind and heart. read new documents and books to improve your knowledge. the only way to examine your opinion , is to test it in real world (like Earthquakes) , don't over simplified anything , anytime.
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This site copies links, description and even the screenshots from CivilEA and add his watermark.

See an example (and compare it with the screenshot here - see the name in licensed to).

This screenshot is captured from his site without his watermark and our host added our watermark. You can compare it with the original posted here (the second image).

[Image: 20648027947444254447.gif]

[Image: 50507899872112793720.jpg]
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O.K. boys and girls it's time to talk about this site one more time and about our site too. And this will be a long speech.
CivilEA is a forum. In a forum people ask questions, request material and all (I repeat ALL) must contribute and help and not only to leach and request but we must accept the fact some people have no time, no desire to share etc...
This is the ideal situation (when all are active) but here (as in all other forums) only a small part contributes and the majority only downloads and request.
Because this small group succeeded to make this forum the best, the number of users increased and we need more resources (you remember the days with errors, no access to forum for long periods etc...). The owner and founder of this forum is Admin and all here is his propery. The money is used to improve the forum and no one must be a member or to pay if he think is not fair but this is not the reason to steal our material and to make money in other place.
This is the reason we decided more than one year ago to request a subscription fee from inactive users and of course for all new users. I hope you remember we downgraded all users with less than 4 posts and after giving more time continued with all users having less than 6 posts. Don't forget, active users remains activate and even a subscriber can stop paying money if he accumulates Engineering Points. We want you active but if you won't you pay.
Another effect was less spammers, fewer advertisers, less garbage and this is not less important than the content. Moderators still delete and ban some spammers but compared to the previous situation we are a clean site and I hope some changes will ameliorate it more.
We never asked you to pay for a specific material, we don't send links or CD to users only if they pay.

Now let's talk about ******* (we are in it's thread).
******* is not a forum, no users but only one man posting. Every one even if anonymous can leave a comment but the same single man (the Administrator) can approve it or to delete it if he don't like your comment.

The comment I want to show you was posted by the Administrator as Anonymous or in case someone else wrote it was approved by Administrator.

[Image: 20208493933292321695.gif]

The reason, well here begins the real story of ******* Administrator. For months our material was copied and reproduced in his forum.
I want to be clear. Some of our users are users of other forums too. Some of our users sometimes copied full posts from here to other forums and we didn't do nothing because even if is not the right method was not a day by day behavior.
I and many others copy from other forums when finding something but I download, install, check, upload in another place and even sometimes specify the source.
In this case the ******* Administrator use our text, our screenshots, our passwords and our links. Sometimes he presents the material as exclusive.

But this site is a business too. See the About us. This is a free commercial for him in our site. Please don't hesitate, you can begin to collaborate with this excellent engineer.

[Image: 24474890309828035162.gif]

Quote: ******* is a privately owned and operated as a consulting group providing services in civil & Structural Engineering.

Our Goal
Our main goal is to provide consultancy in Civil & Structural Engineering and Support Engineering professionals and undergraduates by providing civil &structural engineering related software, e-books, training videos and software manuals. We locate and evaluate all software all around the world and find the best solution for you. We work like your own engineer and provide you continuous solutions and support.

Our Team

The company has qualified professionals providing support services who are dedicated to being part of a team to complete projects on time and on budget. At all times the group prides itself in seeking alternate solutions that will assist the project achieve budgets and construction programs.

The principals and staff are dedicated to providing a professional and innovative service for our clients covering a wide variety of projects.

Our Services

Structural design of domestic, residential, commercial and industrial buildings
Structural design using concrete, steelwork, masonry and timber to British and European Standards
Detailing of structural concrete
Design of portal frame sheds
Foundation designs including deep trench foundations, piles, pile caps, ground improvement, underpinning and rafts
Refurbishment and structural alterations of existing buildings
Structural surveys and condition reports of residential, commercial and industrial buildings
Retaining wall design
Design, detailing and inspection of timber frame buildings
Historic structure surveys and reports
Design and detailing of water retaining structures

And because is not enough for a thief only to stole he tried to advertise his site here using new and not activated users created for this task as Nomad, Mavon, Davon and Joshepz (banned of course).
One thing was common to all those users – they all was from Sri Lanka.
How to find the thief between so much innocent users from Sri Lanka ?
One day searching his site I saw (after a lot of screenshots stolen from our site including my name) a screenshot with another name in the license field – Nilupa Hulugalla.

[Image: 92071194523065717688.gif]

Remembering we have a user named nilupa (also from Sri Lanka) I made a search and discovered that Nilupa is a very common name and a lot of people from this part of the world is named Nilupa.

Searching for Nilupa Huligalla I found the thief. Look what his site offer and what this young man succeeded to do in a short time. Impressive biography for a thief.

[Image: 50357267515952883932.gif]

[Image: 98554260285465932059.gif]

The same Nilupa asks for money (donations) for sending links or CD's.

[Image: 57520599379375344568.gif]

Is this Nilupa the owner and the Administrator of this site ?
Look and decide by yourselves (here).
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[Image: 10393082704290975997.gif]

After banning him, he sent us a message telling he is not the thief (he is a liar too) and registered as a new user (shah_jehan) trying to continue stealing using a Proxy IP.
This time was easier to find him even with his fake IP address and the new user was banned too. Last days no stolen material in his site but…
The word homonym comes from the Greek ὁμώνυμος (homonumos), meaning "having the same name" - this is from Wikipedia.

The new site of nilupa have not the same name as his previous and even if after almost one month of existence have about 150 registered users (including some names I know from our forum) have no too much posts inside. This one is a forum (not an one man site as the other) and is build in the same manner as our site but there in the meantime they have only leechers.
The funny thing is (see above) after banning nilupa he declared, I'm a mother fucker but now a new user in this site is named BennyP and post valuable material.

Remembering Casablanca (this film is 71 years old) - again see Wikipedia, I can say like Humphrey Bogart at the end of this movie "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship".
If my nickname here is a Brand Name in the world of engineering forums or my homonym have other intentions maybe we will know soon. Anyway they have an Administrator (be sure is not our Administrator) and my homonym too. Good luck nilupa.
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hate this srilankan guy(s), always stealing lavteam's work and then asking for money, now including the new version of idio*s really, you can even see 'Lavteam''on the pic, and then they patch it with their sticker to declare original work.
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new registrant name btw.
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you can search that name on FB and see how the scammer looks like.
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Did you know something about this

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It looks suspicious to me, but really i dont know.

But it appears this time its expanding to other fields (Mechanical-, Electrical, etc.) from this site.

Bronze or Gold membership, who knows.

Server located at Saint Louis,MO,United States
Another copy paste tiefh this time from Mombasa Kenia.
I understand Nilupa of Sri Lanka and this new What is his Name (i can find but i don't care). They are unsuccessful engineers trying to earn something they don't succeed to do in the profession by selling others as a salesperson. You can find dozens of sites trying to sell cracked software and those sites at least look as engineering sites even if they exploit stupid people. What is hard to understand are the users of the sites. They can find for free many of the posted material, can pay a small amount here and be members of a forum (not a shop) but they pay to receive stollen and copied links without support, without any other option than download and ask for help without answers. And i have to tell you, i read every day the questions they ask and the problems they have in CiviFkingax and i'm happy i'm not in the same place with such stuppid people (i hope not all but looking at the questions is possible). I don't feel today we are at the same level as a few years ago but if you try to compare with others you will see the difference.
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Dear malc
The site in question is a copy past of *******.com. same behaviour , same strategy , same design even. The target is know very well , to grab money from customers as subscription for something u can get majority of the time for free.
This people are unprofessional as deputy said , in most cases this is one man show .unlike our forum , we can assist and help each other, we care about the forum, to keep it a good forum and not a shop.
In brief we share for knowledge , they share for money(or more they sell)
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