Along-Wind Load Effects on Tall Buildings
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Along-Wind Load Effects on Tall Buildings
Along-Wind Load Effects on Tall Buildings: Comparative Study of Major International Codes and Standards

Author: Yin Zhou; Tracy Kijewski; and Ahsan Kareem, | Size: 122 KB | Format: PDF | Quality: Original preprint | Publisher: Yin Zhou; Tracy Kijewski; and Ahsan Kareem | Year: 2002 | pages: 9

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Most international codes and standards provide guidelines and procedures for assessing the along-wind effects on tall
structures. Despite their common use of the ‘‘gust loading factor’’ ~GLF! approach, sizeable scatter exists among the wind effects
predicted by the various codes and standards under similar flow conditions. This paper presents a comprehensive assessment of the source
of this scatter through a comparison of the along-wind loads and their effects on tall buildings recommended by major international codes
and standards. ASCE 7-98 ~United States!, AS1170.2-89 ~Australia!, NBC-1995 ~Canada!, RLB-AIJ-1993 ~Japan!, and Eurocode-1993
~Europe! are examined in this study. The comparisons consider the definition of wind characteristics, mean wind loads, GLF, equivalent
static wind loads, and attendant wind load effects. It is noted that the scatter in the predicted wind loads and their effects arises primarily
from the variations in the definition of wind field characteristics in the respective codes and standards. A detailed example is presented to
illustrate the overall comparison and to highlight the main findings of this paper.

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